The Electric Mini Cooper!

4 02 2010

The 2010 Electric Mini Cooper

“What We Know: The hype surrounding a green version of BMW’s much loved Mini Cooper first gained traction after singer James Blunt was seen cruising around in one — courtesy of a partnership between Hybrid Technologies and NASA. These custom conversion kits were eventually made available for the general public to the tune of about $60K. Today, Growing Pains star Alan Thicke is a spokesperson for the technology.

BMW has been keeping an eye on this technology and has decided to produce 500 (or more) electric Mini Coopers for Summer 2009 in the US. The initial market appears to be California (and probably NY), but we’ll know more sometime around the Los Angeles Auto Show with regards to range, battery type, and cost.

Outlook: Availability will be tough at first, but that may make this one of the hotter cars to own in Hollywood. Still, the Mini doesn’t flash its green credentials like other cars, so those looking to impress the public with their choice in transportation might seek something a little more obvious.”

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4 02 2010

Love this car.

4 02 2010
Josh Overmyer

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