Availability of Plug-in Hybrids

5 02 2010

Despite all the media attention about plug-in hybrids, it’s still not yet possible for an individual consumer to buy one. A few plug-in hybrids have been produced for testing in commercial fleets and government agencies. Many major automakers have produced concept prototype plug-in hybrids for display at international auto shows, but only a handful of carmakers have committed to a specific production date for these vehicles.

The following plug-in hybrids are scheduled for production:

Sort by: Name EV Rangesort icon Type MSRP Available
ventureone-small.jpg VentureOneThe exhilaration of a fast motorcycle, the safety and comfort of a commuter car, and the fuel efficiency of advanced automotive technologies. 20 miles Coupe $18,000 2009
fisker-karma-94.jpg Fisker KarmaThe rear-wheel drive sporty plug-in hybrid from designer Henrik Fisker. 50 miles Luxury $87,000 2010
volt-rear-small.jpg Chevrolet VoltAll-electric gas-free driving for 40-mile stretches. 40 miles Sedan $40,000 2010
vue-plugin-small.jpg GM Plug-in Crossover SUVGM’s plug-in hybrid SUV was a Saturn, then a Buick, now probably a Chevy. 10 miles SUV n/a 2011
escape-phev-small.jpg Ford Escape Plug-in HybridThe proven fuel-efficient SUV hybrid will come with a plug in 2012. 30 miles SUV n/a 2012
v70-phev-small.jpg Volvo V70 Plug-in HybridVolvo appears serious about producing a plug-in hybrid wagon with 30 or miles of electric range. 30 miles Van n/a 2012
prius-phev-small.jpg Toyota Prius Plug-in HybridIn 2012, Toyota will begin offering a Prius with plug-in capabilities. 10 miles Sedan n/a 2012
converj-small.jpg Cadillac ConverjAn angular, sleek, luxury concept version of the Chevrolet Volt. 40 miles Sedan n/a Concept
px-imiev-small.jpg Mitsubishi PX-MiEVThis mid-sized SUV plug-in hybrid has triple-threat functionality as a pure electric, a series hybrid, and a parallel hybrid. Result: About 120 mpg. 30 miles SUV n/a Concept



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