History of Electric Car

5 02 2010

              It is not a recent innovation; electric cars have been around for over a century. It is not precisely known, but sometime during the year 1832-1839 Robert Anderson of Scotland invented the “first crude electric carriage.” In the following years the idea of an electric car was re-invented time after time. Around the year 1885 Americans where interested in the idea of the electric car. Innovations continued and by the 1890’s as well as the 1900’s the electric car reached what it could be its highest peak in the market though out history.

              The electric car had many advantages among steam and gasoline cars. Some of the advantages associated with the electric car were that it did not have the constant vibration, strong smell, and loud noise of the gasoline car. Although preferred by many Americans, the electric car was soon bump-off the market with the creation of highways that could take individuals long distances. The electric car was only made for short distances with an average of 20 miles of distance covered. Americans felt that gasoline cars were more effective and cost less than the electric car.

              To all of this, we found ourselves in the 21st century and the electric car still falls short. The United States has put in place regulatory actions as an effort to renewed electric cars. Companies like Ford, Chevron, and Toyota made an effort during the 1990’s to come up with electric cars that would satisfy government regulations and attract consumers. Such models included; Ford Ecostar, Ford Ranger, GM EV 1, and Toyota RAV 4. Many of these cars came and left with no fame.

              Although the electric car is considered the most environmental friendly, there are very important issues that do not allow it to flourish. The most important issue is that there is no national infrastructure that would allow electric car owners to recharge their cars when necessary at whatever location needed. Another important issue is the battery. The battery in gasoline cars can last for years, but in the case of the electric car the lifespan of the battery can be only a few years. Since the battery is the main source of energy of the electric car its lifetime is short and the amount of hours that the car can go without being recharge can be in average 6 hours.




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