News About Cars, Oil and Our Environment

5 02 2010

Jump in the car, start your engine, and you’re off. But do you give any thought to what’s coming out of the tailpipe as you go about your drive? Sorry to be downer, but here’s what your beloved car is producing:

Tailpipe Emissions
  • Carbon dioxide is the dominant greenhouse gas that causes global warming.
  • Carbon monoxide, when inhaled, impairs the flow of oxygen to your brain.
  • Sulphur oxides contribute to respiratory illness, and aggravate existing heart and lung diseases.
  • Oxides of nitrogen (NOx) react with compounds in the air to cause acid rain and ozone (the main reason for smog).
  • Particulate matter are an established cause of lung problems, including cancer.
  • Hydrocarbons, in their many forms, irritate the lung and other tissues, contribute to birth defects and cause other illnesses including cancer.
  • Lead damages organs, affects the brains, nerves, heart, and blood.

If you are not totally depressed (or outraged) at this stage, read more of our coverage of news related to cars, oil, and the environment.

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