8 02 2010

That in San jose ALONE there are 7 recharging stations  for Electric cars?…..

Now San Francisco Bay Area governments are working with Better Place to build a network of recharging stations around the region:

A $1 billion network of electric car recharging stations will dot San Francisco Bay area highways under a plan unveiled Thursday that aims to greatly expand the number of electric vehicles on the road.Palo Alto-based Better Place along with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums and San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed announced the deal to install charging stations in homes, businesses, parking lots and government buildings by 2012.

The company said it will also build mechanized battery swapping centers where robots will remove and replace the batteries in cars that are compatible with the system. These stations will allow electric car drivers to travel longer distances without recharging.

The initiative would make the Bay Area the first region in the U.S. to create an electric car network.

Text From : http://www.worldchanging.com/archives/009080.html




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