Do you think there is a future for Electric cars?

8 02 2010

Try reading this….

Electric Car Future May Power A Charging Industry

Obama aims to put a million electric vehicles on the road by 2015 as part of the new U.S. effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions.<!– var ukupvclanj11 = 0; function vclanj11(ulaz){ if(ukupvclanj11

As makers from Tesla to Nissan Motor Co jockey to dominate the next generation electric-powered cars, a fight on which companies will control the lucrative market to fuel them is just getting started.U.S. President Barack Obama aims to put a million electric vehicles on the road by 2015 as part of the new U.S. effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions linked to global warming


Politics are sure to shape the economics of the industry. The Climate Change bill that has passed the U.S. House of Representatives and is being considered by the Senate requires utilities to draw up plans for charging electric vehicles. It also sets financial incentives to set up charging stations and subsidies for people buying electric cars.

Many wonder if electric vehicle sales will take off. Automakers sold only about 160,000 hybrids, or 2.8 percent of total sales, in the U.S. this year through July, according to Autodata.

Plug-in hybrids, which are part of Obama’s goal of having one million electric cars on the roads by 2015, may account for 25 percent of auto sales by 2020, according to separate studies by the Department of Energy and environmental groups.


Electric cars can be smooth, quiet and environmentally friendly. But they must deliver clear operating savings, since their price tag may initially be higher than conventional vehicles. Nissan roughly sees their operating cost equivalent to $1.10 per gallon of gasoline.

Skeptics say charging stations won’t be a viable business because drivers will top off batteries at home, except on long trips, and won’t want to pay a premium for electricity.

“We’ve found that about 90 percent of our customers’ charging happens at home,” said JB Straubel, Chief Technology Officer of Tesla Motors, maker of a $100,000-plus electric sports car whose 300-mile (483 km) range is triple that of mass market vehicles from other makers due to enter the market late next year.

Proponents counter that charge stations will proliferate once there are a million or more electric cars on the roads. Most charging will be done at home, but some cars don’t even have a garage.

“If you live in San Francisco, 51 percent of all cars are parked curbside at night,” said Richard Lowenthal, founder and CEO of Coulomb Technologies, which aims to sell about a thousand charging stations this year at $2,000-plus each.

“I ship a station, I keep $1,000,” said Lowenthal. He expects five times as many sales next year. But he says electric charge stations will offer a lot more than a plug.

Company founders included former executives of Internet equipment maker Cisco Systems Inc, and Coulomb sees services such as finding a free charge spot by cell phone as key to its potential success.

A University of California, Berkeley study says as much as $320 billion will be spent on charging infrastructure over the next couple of decades. The U.S. Department of Energy recently awarded $2.4 billion in electric-vehicle related grants….”

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