The Minicat… The Greenest Car!

8 02 2010

Moteur Development International(MDI), has built a car that doesn’t run on gasoline, electricity, or any biofuel. No, it is powered soley by compressed air, hence the name MiniCat, Compressed Air Technology(CAT). The developer, Guy Negre, may have come up with the most innovative engines in the car industry for several decades. The use of compressed air makes the MiniCat one of the most enviormentally friendly and economical cars ever. And with the addition of dual energy, which is the use of fuel and compressed air, the MiniCat can gain a range of over 1200 miles, emitting a noitceably less amount of pollution into the enviorment. Now if your air compressor is running low, gas stations are planned to supply an air supply and will only take a few minutes to refill. With all the the uncertainty of rising gas prices and the search for a more enviormentally friendly car, MDI has delivered the answer. Instead of having expanding fuel push the engines pistons back and forth, the MiniCat uses cold, compressed air which will also cool the inside of the engine. This breakthrough car will also include some of the most technologically advanced car features, wireless control system, voice recognition, gps guidance, and internet connection just to name a few. The MiniCat will run about $11,000, cheaper than the average car and it will also save us money at the pump.

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