Honda launches world’s first sporty hybrid car

25 02 2010

Honda Motor Co. on Thursday rolled out the CR-Z, the world’s first hybrid sports car.

News photo
Environmental sport: Honda Motor Co. President Takanobu Ito unveils the world’s first hybrid sports car, the CR-Z, at a news conference in Tokyo on Thursday. KYODO PHOTO
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The car, which will hit domestic showrooms Friday ahead of its global launch, comes with an electric motor equivalent to 1.5 liters and a 2.0-liter gasoline engine for acceleration. Its fuel efficiency is rated at 25 km per liter, compared with about 12 for similar gas-powered Honda models.

Honda said its domestic sales target for the CR-Z is 1,000 units per month, and that prices will start at ¥2.268 million for the four-seater and ¥2.498 million for the upgraded model.

The new hybrid will also be eligible for the government’s “green car” tax breaks.

President Takanobu Ito said at a press event in Tokyo that he hopes Honda’s latest offering will attract more people to the pleasures of driving.

Noting the global importance of promoting the expansion of hybrid cars, Ito said he believes the CR-Z hybrid will “exceed customers’ expectations” because it is fun to drive and environment-friendly.

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