Top 10 List


10. Julia Roberts

Credit:James Devaney/

Roberts might be doing a little green washing these days (she recently confirmed that she’s not a fan of deodorant), but just how green is this pretty woman? She just built a 6,000 square foot home with lots of sustainable materials and solar panels (still, a 6,000 square foot home is still a 6,000 square foot home…). She takes reusable bags to the market and allegedly cuts down on showers to save water. Maybe she doesn’t have her own eco-show yet and hasn’t won awards, but at least she’s doing something and showing off her everyday environmentalist skills.

9. Sheryl Crow

Credit:Chris Hudson/

Sheryl Crow has finally realized that playing on Santa Monica Boulevard isn’t fun forever (or ever) and is starting to dig deep into environmental activism. She just played the Global Green pre-Oscar party to benefit the greening of schools. She saves wild Mustangs and may or may not use one square of toilet paper per bathroom visit—T.M.I., we know. A few years back she joined forces with Reverb to do a Stop Global Warming college tour that ran strictly on bio-diesel buses and educated frat boys on the effects their keg parties have on our eco-systems.

8. Cameron Diaz

Credit:Steve Granitz/

If ever there was a nature-loving traveler we’d like to get on a bus with, it’s Cameron Diaz. This eco-tourist extraordinaire uses offsets for carbon neutral travel, drives a Prius (don’t all enviro-celebs?) and had a show called “Trippin'” where she would go gallivanting around the world and show us how to enjoy the splendors of the world without killing baby penguins in Antarctica in the process. More recently, Diaz hopped on the Gore-wagon and has championed raising awareness about global warming.

7. Edward Norton

Credit:Arthur Mola/

Norton’s been a real life Bruce Banner, smashing greenhouse gases with his hydrogen car and handing out emission-free electricity with his Solar Neighbors program. As a producer and star of “The Incredible Hulk,” Norton worked to get the first ever Green Seal in the closing credits—meaning that production ran a little more sustainable than most and didn’t smack Mother Earth quite as hard in the face this time.

6. Adrian Grenier

Credit:Vera Anderson/

This eco-bot has been doing rounds in the green circuit with some big impact. Grenier lives in a brownstone in Brooklyn with solar panels and other fun sustainable elements like recycled denim insulation (way to walk the walk, A.G.!). He also picked up a new green-entourage for his show on Green Planet called “Alter Eco” where he shows all of us couch potato “environmentalists” what we can do to make our homes more eco-friendly.

5. Hayden Panettiere

Credit:Paul Morigi/

Whatever you do, don’t get between this pint-sized hero and her dolphins! When Hayden isn’t killing it as an indestructible cheerleader, she’s out in the wild blue ocean helping Flipper escape the sharp ends of Japanese hunting harpoons, writing letters to Norway and Japan to protest their whale hunting practices and receiving the Compassion in Action award from PETA.

4. Daryl Hannah

Credit:Mark Sullivan/

Dude, she played a mermaid back in ’84—‘nuff said. Hannah has been an eco-star for some time now. Her green score card includes driving a bio-diesel car, living on a sustainable farm in Colorado, doing time behind bars for a three-week tree sit-in to defend the South Central farmers in LA, being a veggie and joining the Sea Shepherd in defending dolphins and whales. She recently started a super crunchy website called DH Love Life that has produced films on living the green life.

3. Woody Harrelson

Credit:J. Shearer/

Harrelson’s passion and commitment to the green life go way deeper than shirtless bongo playing. He once scaled the Golden Gate Bridge to protest deforestation, he’s a vegan and raw foodist (extreme!), he lives in an eco-village on Maui that is completely off-the-grid and to top it all off he documented his trip from Seattle to Santa Barbara—switching from riding a bicycle to a bio-diesel bus—where he educated people about living organic, sustainable, environmentally conscious lives in the film “Go Further.”

2. Brad Pitt

Credit:Alan Davidson/

Too bad about not winning that Oscar, Brad—but hey, you’re financing and building 150 new affordable homes in New Orleans using sustainable materials, thus helping out those left homeless and Mother Earth.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Credit:Avik Gilboa/

Mirror, mirror on the wall… who’s the greenest of them all? Leo, of course. His green cred is ridic—from producing, narrating and creating eco-mentaries and receiving environmental awards to living in sustainable homes and driving an electric Tesla and a hydrogen-powered BMW. In addition to all that he created the Planet Green docu-series “Greensburg” that follows the sustainable reconstruction of a town that was torn apart by a tornado. Oh yeah, he’s also developing an eco-resort on a private island in Belize—you know, just as a side project.

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