What alternative energy means to us…

Some natural sources of energy are solar, wind, water, and geothermal.  All these resources are “free” to us and have lower carbon emissions when compared to conventional energy sources.  I believe that the US should focus on developing the infrastructure to utilize these resources in a more efficeint way. ~ Angelina

Alternative energy is a great opportunity that needs to be explored further. With the nation having to depend so heavily on oil, a new breakthrough with alternative energy would not only potentially relieve us of our costly crutch, but it could also help bring peace to many of the feuds brought on by oil seeking countries. ~ Craig

When hearing “alternative energy”, I’m thinking of any kind of energy that’s replacing the fossil fuel, and i also think of solar energy, the heat and light from the sun. We use the solar panel to generate the heat and light from the sun to energy for our daily usage. ~ Shirley

Alternative energy is a form of energy that does not use natural resources such as fossil fuels and causes no harm to the environment. The first types that come to mind would be energy derived from wind or the sun, but nuclear energy would also be considered an alternative energy. ~ Cheryl

Alternative Energy is immensely important right now, in our efforts all over the world to reduce pollutants and greenhouse gases. Alternative energy also known as “renewable” energy show significant promise to help us preserve many of the natural resources that are becoming scarce. To me, Alternative energy will change our atmosphere for the better with more focus on using Solar Power and Wind Power as our main source of energy. ~ Barbara


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